How to Transplant Your Clone

After you receive your clone in the mail give it two to three days to acclimate to your environment.  We ship all our clones in pure coco and it can be transplanted into any medium of your choice. To transplant your clone follow the guide below.

Clone Transplant Guide

Do not attempt to pull the clone from the base of the stalk out of the coco.  This can rip the roots away from the plant, damaging it.

  1. Squeeze around the side of the pot to loosen the soil
  2. Put the clone between your fingers like the image below
  3. Turn the pot upside down and give it a gentle tap on the bottom.  This will loosen the clone and the medium from the pot.
  4. You can now transplant your clone into the medium of your choice.

All our clones are treated with micronized sulfur.  If you use an oil based IPM product please wait one week from receiving your clone before applying your IPM.  Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.