Treating Clones with Micnorized Sulfur

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is important for any garden and should be implemented by all growers to minimize the transfer of pests. One simple way is to use micronized sulfur upon taking clones. Micronized sulfur is effective against Russet Mites, Spider Mites, Powdery Mildew, Scale, and Thrips. Use the method outlined below to guarantee your plants are pest free. Please note that if you currently use an oil based IPM that you should not use micronized sulfur until two weeks after your last oil IPM treatment.
Equipment Needed

  1. Micronized Sulfur
  2. A cup or container. A 2000ml Cup is good
  3. Optional: Magnetic Stirrer (Corning is a great brand and can be found for around $50. Magnetic Stirrer on Ebay)

How to Sulfur Dip Clones

  1. Mix 2tbsp of micronized sulfur per gallon of water. In this example I’m using 32oz/1000ml of water so I use 3/4tsp of micronized sulfur for this mixture. Sulfur should be mixed well. This is where a magnetic stirrer comes in handy.
  2. After your sulfur is mixed take your clones and dip and swirl the clone for 20 seconds to make sure you get a good coating
  3. You can now place your clone into your cloning medium of your choice
  4. I repeat steps 2-3 when I transplant my clone as well just in case